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Physician Testimonials

Philip Schauer, MD

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, OH, USA

"I found the TroClose1200 to be an easy-to-use device. It functioned very well and the closure was satisfactory."


Diego Camacho, MD

Montefiore Medical Center

Bronx, NY, USA

"After using the TroClose system in various surgical cases, I can say with confidence it demonstrates reliable capabilities in closing the fascia in a safe and precise manner. It is an easy-to-use trocar, easy to learn and navigate. The TrocClose system will benefit surgical patients and become a great tool in a surgeon's arsenal."


Aaron Hoffman, MD

State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine

Buffalo, NY, USA

"Insertion of the TroClose1200 was very smooth. It's very easy to use."


Peter Remington, MD

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Hospital

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

“This is an easy-to-use device, quick to learn and effective in achieving its purpose. I would be very happy to recommend the TroClose1200 and use it regularly myself.”


Michal Vix, MD

University Hospital of Strasbourg - IRCAD

Strasbourg, France

“Gordian’s TroClose1200 is a very effective system, easy to use and especially useful for younger surgeons, as the learning curve is very short. TroClose1200 has significant advantages over other standard closure devices on the market. Indeed, there is definitely a place for the Gordian Surgical product in the worldwide market.”


Elias Chousleb, MD

Jackson North Medical Center

Miami Beach, FL, USA

"The TroClose device is simple to use and offers reliable closure for trocar defects. A home run!"

Rudolf A. Weinder, MD

Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen

Frankfurt, Germany

“I observed the use of Gordian's device in a live surgery during the recent Congress and understood that it made a very positive impression on the surgeons who participated in/observed the surgery. The TroClose1200 provides a clear advantage to the closure of laparoscopic ports, especially in obese patients”


Erik Wilson, MD

University of Texas

McGovern Medical School

Houston, TX, USA

“I believe trocar closure can be vital to prevention of laparoscopic port site hernias.  However, patient pain and lack of surgeon ease of use can prevent adoption of trocar closure devices. The TroClose1200 makes trocar closure quick, easy and accurate for the surgeon and the lack of closed loop suture with the placement of absorbable tags can reduce pain significantly.”

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