With TroClose, Gordian Surgical has advanced surgical port access-wound closure for laparoscopic surgeries. Gordian’s FDA-cleared, CE-marked TroClose1200 is designed to be safe, simple, and secure. 


May 21, 2020, webinar

“Managing safe laparoscopic closure under the new SAGES and EAES guidance”.

Dr. Zundel, MD, FACS, Bariatric, and Metabolic Institute at Jackson North, Medical Center in Miami USA.  

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Watch the webinar recording here:


The Gordian Surgical leadership team reflects our ongoing commitment to developing cutting-edge medical devices that will benefit the health and improve the safety of the patients we serve.


TroClose™1200 is a port access-closure system that offers surgeons a safe, simple, and secure means to opening and then suture-closing the abdominal wall after lap surgery.

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